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(The One & Only) Data Quality Engineer

Hi! We’re u2i - a tech company consisting of 60 problem-solvers with diverse skill sets in back end, front end, full stack, mobile, UX design, and DevOps. And we’re on the lookout for a role like no other among us, of a Data Quality Engineer, to join our team in creating a great product hand in hand with our overseas Client.

Most importantly, we hope to find a true colleague and a friend, who’ll enjoy facing everyday challenges, striving for technical excellence, and growing together, as well as a solid partner in helping our Client think about technology and navigate the treacherous paths of building a digital, data-based product.

Sounds interesting? If so, keep reading.

As a Data Quality Engineer @u2i you will:

  • partner with a 20+ people development team (operating in a “hives model”) working directly with one of our overseas Clients, to build a big data product around social media platforms and measurement.
  • use the existing quality tooling on a daily basis, as well as create new software to extend and improve upon the suite of automated tests.
  • coordinate the weekly releases to make sure that they don’t generate any unexpected data, cause data loss, or other deterioration in function. We’re not fans of surprises when it comes to releases, so should such an event occur, you’ll be the one to investigate what caused it in the first place.

We’ll trust you to:

  • decide if we’re production-ready from a quality perspective based o the assessment of functionality, usability, and scalability
  • coordinate the release process and communication with our self-organized teams and the client
  • work with the teams to review and amend the processes and best practices
  • perform data quality checks and run functional regression tests (including manual and automated tests)
  • identify issues, investigate root causes and resolve them in a timely manner in collaboration with other specialists
  • review the release changelog maintained by the teams
  • help define and execute validation for new data added to the platform
  • work directly with Przemek, one of the Tech Leads on the project, Michał, Project Architect and the Client, to shape and implement a strategic vision of how Quality is lived and breathed within the Project
  • step into a role which you will shape - and this isn’t an empty promise. There are challenges for every level of engineering expertise in the role: designing new tools, areas of automation testing, working with architecture, just to name a few. The position has no real precedent in our company so your vision for growth will be crucial to each iteration - we don’t want to be right, we want to get it right for you to flourish.

We might be a great match for each other if you are:

  • an engineer at heart - you have strong software development skills and leverage those skills in all data quality-related activities. And although writing too much code might not be on your agenda at the moment, you wear your engineer’s hat all the time. You believe that quality is a critical part of building software, and you need an engineer to ensure the quality of any engineering process, as simple as that, right?
  • a testing/quality-first approach kind of folk as soon as you learn what the code should do, your focus instantly shifts onto what the code should not do. Questions of “How can this go astray? What might be missing? What are the risks to this solution?” are your bread and butter. You’re no stranger to downshifting delivery pace to make sure that the solution works. You take psychological ownership of the quality of data delivered, no matter the recipient’s address.
  • know that your strengths also lie in your interpersonal skills - you enjoy working closely with a number of different stakeholders, are able to effectively communicate very technical concepts to both technical and non-technical users, and have the ability to juggle your workload among changing priorities, (alternating between hands-on validation, testing, root cause analysis, and troubleshooting).
  • interested in taking a new path in an entry-level role -  our current task list involves a lot of manual validation tool usage and you will be supervised by people with substantial experience in the project. If you’re already an experienced professional, you’re more than welcome to bring to the table your expertise from other fields. This will definitely help broaden our perspective on the role and present you with suitable challenges.

We might also be a great match for each other if you have:

  • at least 0.5+ years of commercial experience, preferably in the IT industry (in such roles as a software engineering intern, software engineer, tester, quality assurance specialist, just to name a few)
  • a degree in IT/Computer Science (or you’re at least a 3rd-year student of these majors) or related discipline
  • very good command of English (B2/C1) and feel comfortable using it on a daily basis
  • decent knowledge of Python or any other programming language used in web development, and you’re eager to develop your skills in new technologies,
  • an ability to drive processes independently; taking ownership comes naturally to you
  • a knack for problem-solving - you’re on a constant search of “the why” of things and decisions, and you’re always eager to improve things and advocate for quality
  • proved yourself to be an effective and articulate communicator, able to get your point across
  • a proactive attitude - you’re happy to go the extra mile when an opportunity to make things a bit better comes your way. You’re disruptive of the status quo and are known for your “can do/let’s do” attitude
  • the consultative gene - you ask the right questions, know how to build trust and credibility, and enjoy sharing your knowledge and guiding others
  • some experience in working within a team and are great to collaborate with
  • an open and curious mind - you’re willing to experiment and see opportunities where others don’t
  • a desire to learn new things
  • some experience with agile methodologies in the end to end test cycle

It would also be great if you:

  • have had the opportunity to work directly with a client
  • are experienced in creating data validation tools
  • have maintained data quality platforms before
  • have previous working experience with a big amount of data
  • are familiar with SQL and relational database concepts
  • have experience developing data quality frameworks in Python and SQL

What you also might like to know is that:

We’re an employee-empowered company. This means that you will have an actual impact on the company’s actions and a share in its profits. Also, we have incorporated many elements of a flat structure, so you won’t have to work around any communication barriers. And finally, we believe that autonomy is the springboard for awesome ideas, so we’ll give you the tools and independence to experiment and own your initiatives.

What are the perks and benefits @u2i?


  • up to 10% of your week dedicated to self-development
  • an opportunity to take part in training courses and Gallup Strengths coaching
  • conference and education budget - you name the events!
  • English classes with native speakers

For additional activities aimed at advancing your personal skills or the interests of the company, we offer a budget of 2k$ per year.

Physical wellbeing:

  • fully-covered lunches onsite (which you can have delivered to the office or you can enjoy a walk to one of the hip restaurants nearby) and yummy snacks and breakfasts in the kitchen
  • Multisport card and a healthcare package

Work arrangement:

  • laptop of your choice, which you’ll become a proud owner of after 30 months with u2i
  • flexible working hours / a month-long workation is fine too :)
  • hybrid work model
  • the occasional business trips to the US (mainly NYC, Chicago)
  • 26 days per year of paid holiday and additional sick leave or special leave days with B2B

Learn more about us by reading a short piece by Corporate Rebels or grab Weronika for a chat on LinkedIn.

Also, you can get a good grasp of how we navigate the waters of self-organization by tuning in to the “Z Warsztatu Leadera” podcast series - episodes 36 & 38 feature our fellow u2i-iers who share their perspective on the company’s unique experiences.

If you feel the chemistry already just hit „apply” and let’s give it a go!

(Please note that as a rule, u2i does not engage in any legal processes involved in obtaining a Polish work permit.)

What does the recruitment process look like?

  1. It will take us up to a few days to review your application and get back to you in an email.
  2. If there is potential for a match, we’ll invite you to solve a few Codility tasks. You’ll have around a week’s time to complete it.
  3. If your solutions meet our criteria, we’ll invite you for a 30-40 min remote chat with Weronika, to get to know you a bit better, discuss your expectations and chat in English a bit.
  4. Should all go well, we’ll meet for the next step which is ~2-2,5h onsite interview with Przemek, one of the project’s tech leads, accompanied by a senior u2i-ier. It’ll be divided into two parts. First, we’d love to hear more about your experience, and tell you a bit more about u2i. After a short break, we’ll jump into the practical part where you’ll have the chance to truly show off your skills focusing on software quality.
  5. The final step is a ~1h interview (onsite/remote) with Karolina, our Agile Coach, where we'd like to learn if we're a true match culture and organizational-wise. This will be also a great opportunity for you to discuss details of the Hives Model which the project is centered around.
  6. The process will take ~ 3-4 weeks. Regardless of our decision, we will make sure that you receive timely feedback during each stage of the process.
  7. If it turns out that we're a great match for each other then welcome to u2i! We'll be happy to start your onboarding shortly.

PLN 6,000 - 10,000 (B2B) / PLN 5,000 - 8,500 gross (UoP)

(To be negotiated if your experience goes beyond junior)


Kraków, ul. Przemysłowa 12A

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