We build software with you.

We are a tech partner who can prototype, build and scale your product. Or give you a push if all you have is an idea.

How we collaborate

Tech partnership is like having your own internal development team but better. You get a full-time committed team invested in your success without the hassle of hiring, firing and managing each person. You can focus on running your business.

We are…

a tech company with over 50 developers. We have diverse skillsets: back-end, front-end, full stack, mobile, UX design, DevOps.

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You are…

a business, early-stage or established, who needs an engaged tech partner to take care of building custom software.

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Our philosophy

When we put together a team, you’re part of it. You set the goals, and we tackle them together.

We’ve worked with businesses from when they were small, lean and aggressive to being mature and profitable. We’re also used to living with the consequences of our decisions. We don’t lock you in with contracts, but we won’t be too surprised if we’re still working with you in ten years time.

We stick around individually too. u2i is employee owned and we all have a direct stake in the success of the business so as individuals we’re here for the long haul too.

Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke
CEO of u2i
Sascha Haselmayer
I can say with conviction that no partner has proven as reliable and committed as u2i over the years. And then there is the unique relationship of trust – we have never felt we have to withhold information or manage a vendor trying to upsell, quite the opposite. If in doubt, u2i will find a simpler way.
Sascha Haselmayer
CEO of Citymart

Our process

First, tell us your idea

About stuff you’re trying to do. We’ll see how we can help you with it.

Ok, let's get to know each other better

We have more chats. If we can help you learn about your business without writing code, we’ll do that. There’s no rush here.

We do software. A bit.

We dive in to work on something meaningful we’ve picked together.

We make things happen. For REAL.

We continue to build stuff and push your product in the right direction.

Contact us

Let’s talk about what you need

Drop us a message at hello@u2i.com

What do you want to talk about

Thank you for getting in touch. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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