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(A true) Scrum Master

B2B: 14,000 - 19,000 PLN net
UoP: 12,000 - 16,000 PLN gross

Kraków, ul. Przemysłowa 12A

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Hi! We’re u2i - a tech company comprising of +65 problem-solvers with diverse skill sets in the back end, front end, full-stack, mobile, UX design, and DevOps. And we’re on the lookout for a Scrum Master to support and nurture our teams on a mission to create great products hand in hand with our abroad-based clients. Most importantly, we hope to find a true colleague and a friend who’ll enjoy facing everyday challenges and growing together.

As Scrum Master @u2i you will:

  • Be an active member of our development teams (usually consisting of 2-6 people each) operating in the “Hives model” that bridges the business and the people with the flow from autonomy - we will gladly tell you more about it later on.
  • Guide the team to self-management and put the right process in place, based on data that you gather - most of our teams work in Scrum, but you’ll see other Agile frameworks across the company. We believe in the adaptive shaping of our processes as we grow, so you’ll be responsible for applying the methodology and practices which will fit best.
  • Observe, detect problems and guide the team through any rough patches.
  • Assess the needs of the team, remove or prevent impediments, and provide additional support with the daily life of the team.
  • Support and educate the team and the Client to build a better understanding of Agile standards and best practices.
  • Search for and implement techniques for effective backlog refining and managing.
  • Facilitate the team’s ceremonies (such as daily scrums, retrospectives, sprint reviews, and planning), organize workshops and other team activities.
  • Foster a trusting environment - to cultivate a safe space for learning, where we experiment and explore new solutions and ideas.
  • Help find and understand the 'why' behind every piece of product that we build.
  • Working within a team of Scrum Masters led by Karolina to scale the above-mentioned "Hives model".
  • Foster the right feedback culture across the whole organization.

The mission of our Scrum Masters team is to ensure the implementation of a high-performing teams’ vision at u2i. We appreciate and cherish the unique set of independent minds that u2i has gathered under one roof, and making every effort to bring our development teams and overseas clients together as one highly functioning entity.

We might be a great match for each other if you:

  • Are strongly focused on the needs of the team members and the Client, with the goal of achieving results in line with the organization's values and business objectives.
  • Have previous experience with applying and optimizing different Agile methodologies and Lean practices (Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc.).
  • Have provided guidance and understanding of Agile practices to others - you know perfectly how to explain the importance of feedback loops, self-assignment, team estimation processes, and retrospectives.
  • Are experienced in transparent and assertive communication while coaching or consulting with the team and the Client.
  • Have 1+ yrs of experience as a Scrum Master in the IT environment.
  • Have an excellent command of spoken and written English (C1+).
  • Work with a supportive mindset - you listen for what is emerging, you’re curious, you ask powerful questions, and you articulate what you perceive.
  • Keep a watchful eye on team dynamics and are well aware of the stages of team development and its dysfunctions.
  • Are eager to cooperate closely with other Scrum Masters toward the goals of this team.
  • Understand that it takes time and a few experiments to hit the right approach.
  • Are creative and push yourself to think outside the box with a can-do attitude.
  • Are a natural facilitator, you make sure the meetings are fun, well-prepared, have a clear purpose and outcome, and you skillfully apply the right amount of facilitation to maximize results. At the same time, you know and use various facilitation tips & tricks.
  • Are organized and self-directed, healthy habits help you manage your own backlog and time to maximize what you bring to the table. You know how to move from high-level goals to execution.
  • You understand and can react to the challenges of teams operated in a hybrid work model.

It would also be great if you:

  • Have some experience in a flat-structured company, and understand the power of responsibility.
  • Are interested in change management.

What you also might like to know is that:

We’re an employee-empowered company. This means that you will have an actual impact on the company’s actions and a share in its profits. Also, we have incorporated many elements of a flat structure so you won’t have to work around any communication barriers. And finally, we believe that autonomy is the springboard for awesome ideas, so we’ll give you the tools and independence to experiment and own your initiatives.

What are the perks and benefits @u2i?


  • Up to 10% of your week is dedicated to self-development.
  • An opportunity to take part in training courses and Gallup Strengths coaching.
  • Conference and education budget - you name the events!
  • 1:1 English classes with native speakers.
  • The opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with other Scrum Masters.

For additional activities aimed at advancing your personal skills or the interests of the company, we offer a budget of 2k$ per year.

Physical wellbeing:

  • Yummy snacks and fully-covered lunches (which you can have delivered to the office or you can enjoy a walk to one of the hip restaurants nearby).
  • Multisport card and a healthcare package (also for your family).

Work arrangement:

  • Hybrid work model
  • Flexible working hours
  • 26 days per year of paid holiday and additional sick leave or special leave days with any type of contract

Learn more about us by reading a short piece by Corporate Rebels or grab Weronika for a chat on LinkedIn.

Also, you can get a good grasp of how we navigate the waters of self-organization by tuning in to the “Z Warsztatu Leadera” podcast series - episodes 36 & 38 feature our fellow u2i-iers who share their perspective on the company’s unique experiences.

If you feel the chemistry already just hit „apply” and let’s give it a go!

What does the recruitment process look like?

  1. It will take us a few days to review your application and get back to you in an email.
  2. If there is potential for a match, Weronika, our "Recruitment Devil", will invite you for a 30-40 min remote chat to get to know you a bit better and follow up on your resume.
  3. Should all go well, we’ll invite you to a ~1,5-2h interview (remotely or at our office - that’s up to you). We’d love to hear much more about your experience and tell you more about u2i.
  4. If the interview is successful, we will invite you for the final step - a demo day (which lasts ~3 hours and after that, you can go grab some lunch with us!) in our office, during which you’ll sit down to solve a case study and facilitate a workshop meeting for one of our teams (we’ll let you know the details prior to the meeting).
  5. The process usually takes ~ 3-4 weeks. Regardless of our decision, we will make sure that you receive timely feedback during each stage of the process.
  6. If it turns out that we're a great match for each other then welcome to u2i! We'll be happy to start your onboarding shortly.
B2B: 14,000 - 19,000 PLN net
UoP: 12,000 - 16,000 PLN gross

Kraków, ul. Przemysłowa 12A

Other people onboard

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