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We're technology wranglers

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What's a technology wrangler? First and foremost, it's a great communicator. We'll figure out what to do and where to start, and then we'll present an overview of the technologies that can solve your problem. It also means we can set up your systems as well as build them. And then we'll present our work back to you in a way that fits the context of your business.

Our focus is on a handful of important relationships. We're small enough to adapt to our clients, but big enough, and with broad enough experience to provide complete solutions. Yes, we do technology projects, but we're people working with people.

We will help you figure out what you're doing

Have some technical challenge? Software project? Vague sense of unease? Something missing in your lifetechnology process? Call "the u2i" early and talk to us about your business goals. We want to be the partner (not the vendor) that works with you to put technology solutions to them.

Tom, our CEO, will sit down with you for a civilized, yet stimulating lunch. Then we'll have our Polish team come to your place with pierogi and pickles to discuss how to (pun intended) polish your product.

We will code it for you

We'll coordinate with your internal and external teams to deliver something that actually works. And not just works, but works in the context of your business. We'll give you digestible deliverables - the right amount for you to review and use. Not too much, not too little.

We work via weekly sprint plans with lots of communication. We utilize proper version control, tests and user stories. When we're ready we review it with your users. And when it's time to go to production, we'll set up the machines we're going to run on and we'll automate the build process.

We will maintain it for you

We love to manage the boxes that our code runs on - from development, to QA, to production. This means we love to design infrastructures that are scalable, automate our builds, design in robustness, monitor everything and keep costs under control.

We'll use your own hardware or set you up on Amazon Web Services. When there's an issue, you'll be speaking with the person who wrote your code and set up the machines that it runs on.