easy as 3.1416

u2i is a web technology consulting company

founded in NYC in 2001. But we've also been in Krakow since 2005. We are 40 people, and we can be everywhere right now - in one of the offices, on a plane or out, having lunch.

New York skyline

New York has 2 baseball teams, 468 subway stops and 672 hotdog stands. Krakow? None, none and none.

Krakow panorama

Krakow has a dragon, a Da Vinci painting and a castle. New York? No, no, and no.

That's why we're in both.

We're technology wranglers

What's a technology wrangler? First and foremost, it's a great communicator. We'll figure out what to do and where to start, and we'll present you with an overview of technologies that can solve your problem. It also means we can set up your systems as well as build them. And then we'll present our work back to you in a way that fits the context of your business.

  • we understand
  • we build
  • we maintain

Our primary focus is on a handful of important relationships. We're small enough to adapt to our clients, but big enough, with broad enough experience to provide complete solutions. Yes, we do technology projects, but we're people working with people. We're not the guys to call to build out your finished spec, we want to hear from you when you have a great idea...

Humanity inside

Our people are our only asset, that's what our clients come back for.