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Who we are

We are a tech company which helps other companies get their technology side right so they don’t miss their window of opportunity.

We never wanted to work at a faceless ‘outsourcing’ company, anonymously going through a daily list of tasks before home time. So we set up u2i to be the complete opposite. We work with our clients – properly with them, as in side-by-side, hand-in-hand, are-they- actually-a-couple? – spotting ways we can help them, talking to them all the time, taking them out for dinner and being quick off the mark to give them what they need (even if they don’t know they need it yet). We figure stuff out and we get on with it.

At u2i, you don’t just get a job.

You get the whole company – to run, to change, to shape, shake up, tickle, wrestle, trust, hold close and make famous. Because everyone who works here is a partner, which means we each own a bit of the company and take home a share of our profits.

Yes, you too.

We hire developers who are thinkers and talkers and get-stuck-inners. Who look good in headphones but don’t wear them all the time. Who ask the right questions and who always find a way. Who are canny and savvy and chatty and smiley. Who can turn their hands to Ruby and React as much as Tetris and Foosball.

Your new Krakow office.

We hire people who like a good breakfast (we’ll sort that out for you), who speak English but are keen to get better (we’ll sort that out too). Who have good brains and sound judgment. And who want to eat bagels and drink coffee in NYC every now and then.

Most of us are developers too, or we started out on that road. No one has crazy long job titles and you don’t have to wait weeks to talk to someone three desks away.

Got a question? Ask it. Got an itch? Scratch it. Got an idea? Try it.

What we do

Ever wondering why people are with u2i for 10 years or longer? Join us and see why.

u2i has many projects in different shapes and colors. Some of them are small and dynamic, the other are big and more static, some of them are interesting and some of them are boring. The one thing that you’ll definitely like will be that on each of them you’ll have a real impact on the product, because we work closely with our clients.

Code in a plurality of modern technologies:

Ruby on Rails. Node.js. ReactJS. Apache Hadoop family. MongoDB.
Complex infrastructure: Run your own. Opscode Chef. Ansible. Amazon Web Services.

Playing with the big boys: Big projects with big data for big clients. But without all that bureaucratic jazz. You can read more in the Our clients section.

Teamwork: The fundamental unit in u2i is the programming pair. You’ll get to work in great teams with smart, creative people.

Also: Test Driven Development, Pair programming, Agile, Self-organization and more...

Who are we looking for

a MUST HAVE section

You have an excellent technical and programming abilities and know at least one programming language really well
You care about quality
You are able to quickly dive into new projects
You feel comfortable with direct communication with clients
You have broad web development background
You possess deep knowledge of databases and SQL

a NICE TO HAVE section

You have a good knowledge of technologies we use (Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Scala, React, Angular)
You’ve worked with cloud technology like AWS
You did some data crunching using tools like Hive / Hadoop / Spark / Storm
You know that tools matter
You have experience in working in Agile methodologies (especially SCRUM)